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Am Sonntag, den 15.08.2010, 21:59 +0300 schrieb Seppo Ingalsuo:

> My old HTPC motherboard died and I'm now looking for a new one to become 
> a vdr-sxfe "thin" client. The old Silverstone case is for normal ATX 
> board but I no more need PCI slots so a smaller one, even a Mini-ITX 
> would do. Since the PC runs 24/7 I'm interested in low-power 
> motherboards with Atom CPU. There should be VDPAU support for MPEG-2 
> SDTV decoding + high-quality de-interlacing. I'm watching also sometimes 
> H.264 HDTV channels from satellite. There should be 1080p50 video + up 
> 7.1ch multi-channel PCM audio over HDMI. I'd like to get rid of SPDIF 
> connection to AV-receiver.
> My HTPC box has a home-brew LIRC receiver that connected to motherboard 
> (Asus style) COM port heading. If COM ports are history I could change 
> to Bluetooth remote control with a PS3 Blu-Ray remote. Therefore 
> integrated BT support would be nice (otherwise some USB-BT dongle). WLAN 
> is not mandatory since I stream from vdr server over gigabit ethernet. 
> Are there still issues with some ethernet chipsets and Linux?
> I found some options such as Asus AT3IONT-I DELUXE, Asus AT3IONT-I, Asus 
> AT5IONT-I. I would be happy to hear experiences about these motherboards 
> with Linux and Xine. Are there problems with some motherboard features? 
> Other recommendations are welcome too!

is there really no recommendation for a board not using Nvidia graphics
components? It would really be great to not depend on proprietary

The VIA chipset VX855 was supposed to have support 1080p support build
in. But those devices do not seem to be available in non Asian regions.

AMD/ATI or Intel should also over some products fitting your need. And I
heard the drivers matured quite a bit (besides Intel Poulsbo).

Unfortunately I do not own such systems.



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