On Tue, Aug 17, 2010 at 12:45 AM, martinez <marti...@embl.de> wrote:
> Unfortunately I can not reproduce it anymore, because in the meantimeI 
> installed a newer version of xine-lib and the problem disappeared.
> What I notice is that using vdpau, on 28e BBC HD for example drops many 
> frames (unwatchable, although cpu load remains low), whereas using xv the 
> same channels plays perfectly
> (although ITV1 HD even using xv drops some frames)
> So for me it is xv for now as vdpau does not seem quite mature

I read a lot of complaints about BBC HD.  That surely appears to be a
problem channel.  However, vdpau is working great for many users,
hopefully soon you'll be able to join us. ;)

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