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> is there really no recommendation for a board not using Nvidia graphics
> components? It would really be great to not depend on proprietary
> drivers.

Hardware decoding through VA-API is working on some Intel chipsets and
CPUs, but I haven't seen any usable GPU deinterlacing implementations
besides those in Nvidia's VDPAU.

AMD's XvBA is closed and still too buggy to be used in practice. I
haven't heard much about S3/VIA. Broadcom CrystalHD has open-source
drivers, but it also doesn't deinterlace anything.

This page list all VA-API compatible hardware solutions:

So, basically it's either Intel or Broadcom CrystalHD with open-source
drivers or Nvidia with closed ones. Only Nvidia and CrystalHD hardware
decoding is usable on Atom-based motherboards. For the Intel way, you'd
need to step up to something based on GM45 or Core i3 and forget about
fancy 1080i deinterlacing and other postprocessing.



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