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On Tue, Aug 17, 2010 at 12:45 AM, martinez<>  wrote:
Unfortunately I can not reproduce it anymore, because in the meantimeI 
installed a newer version of xine-lib and the problem disappeared.
What I notice is that using vdpau, on 28e BBC HD for example drops many frames 
(unwatchable, although cpu load remains low), whereas using xv the same 
channels plays perfectly
(although ITV1 HD even using xv drops some frames)
So for me it is xv for now as vdpau does not seem quite mature

I read a lot of complaints about BBC HD.  That surely appears to be a
problem channel.  However, vdpau is working great for many users,
hopefully soon you'll be able to join us. ;)

BBCHD works perfectly with vdpau here, they changed the codec around last June, but the vdpau developers fixed it.
Make sure you're using the hg repository for xine 1.2

(though I last updated it last June).


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