On 18.08.2010 00:36, Paul Menzel wrote:
What driver did you use?

I used the ppa:gma500/ppa repository as described in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsVideoCardsPoulsbo for Ubuntu Lucid.

There is lot of green in the table the real situation for this driver is not as excellent/good. Or if it is "good" then as comparison Nvidia binary driver quality is superior and high above the scale... I have had problems with Nvidia drivers but they have been solved/mitigated to usable level. Even if closed binary drivers are generally bad there are poor and usable examples.

Anyway, »besides Intel Poulsbo« meant this chip is using closed drivers
and is not supported by xf86-video-intel and so it does not fit into my
wish list.
I fully agree. If I knew this Intel chipset had only closed binary drivers I would have bought my kids another netbook. I bet there will be problems with new X.org and next Ubuntu problems.


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