Not sure if this is what you mean, But for an example, The dishnetwork dual lnb has a switch in it and responds to F1/F5 vs a standard switch which would be F0/F4. The standard switch will only respond to F0/F4 while I think the DN switch will respond to ether set. So Putting a DN dual LNB on a standard 1x4 switch woudl look like this:

S110.0W 99999 R 11250 t V W15 [E0 10 38 F4] W25 [E0 11 38 F5]
S110.0W 99999 L 14350 t V W15 [E0 10 38 F4] W25 [E0 11 38 F5]

Because this is for a band stacked DishPro LNB, you change the LO to select R/L and keep the voltage up. E0 10 38 F4 is the command for a standard 1x4 switch to use the second port (ports are FO, F4, F8, FC). Then you have a short pause to allow time for the first switch to select that port. Then you send the second command. Not also the "t" for tone control. You can stack a tone switch in also. Have it select between one of 2 1x4 switches to get you 8 ports. You can only have 1 tome switch in any given path because they can not be addressed. Ether you send tone or you don't.

To stack switches you need what is called committed switches for the secondary switch. They us a different address. If additional switches are needed, make sure each in the string will pass commands not addressed to them. As far as I know they all should.

On 8/18/2010 6:40 AM, Jiri Jansky wrote:
I read, that is posible connect diseqc relay to cascade (one two input
relay and two four input relay for example). I read that not all
receiver are able to use it (linux based, like dreambox are).
I would like to setup one two input relay and one four input relay to
get five input for convertor in VDR. Is anybody familier with
diseqc.conf and Can you help me how to set it up? Now, I use four input
relay only, but I don't know what number in diseqc.conf file mean.

If this will be posible I would like to use diseqc relay input to often
watched tv stations and motor to rotate whole dish to different postion
for experimentation and use only central converter for watching. Would
be possible to use VDR for this purpose too?

Thans for your advise
Jiri Jansky

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