Fri, 2010-08-20 at 10:30 +0300, Mikko Tuumanen wrote:
> I've just tried to use a tnt2 card with the nvidia legacy drivers
> because a couple of capacitors blew up on my newer card. It didn't work,
> undefined symbol. Same thing with ati cards. 

The Nvidia legacy drivers are kept up to date with kernel and
changes. Plus the interface between the binary blob and the rest of the
system is open source, so in most cases anyone could patch it.

71.86.14 was released just a while ago with "Improved compatibility
with recent Linux kernels":

> For example my work computer had an ati card and fglrx support for it 
> went away before warranty of the computer expired.

ATI has chosen a strategy of supporting open-source driver development
so that they don't need to sacrifice as much resources on supporting
legacy hardware.

> Open source drivers are needed so that old cards can be put to use even
> after the manufacturer doesn't care to support them anymore.

I totally agree. It's good to have alternative projects such as Nouveau
when the manufacturer doesn't want to release proper open source



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