I have been using ancient versions of VDR 1.4.5 and dxr3plugin 0.2.6
for years now, with no real problems. For some reason I decided to try
the recent versions. :) VDR 1.7.15 and dxr3plugin 0.2.10.

VDR starts and works. It can record, and with streamdev I can watch
live video on my laptop... So VDR is receiving everything correctly.

However there's no picture or sound, so dxr3 output is not working. At
some point I was able to get OSD up, and it seemed to work ok, but
there was no video. After I recompiled dxr3plugin with most recent
ffmpeg svn version, I lost OSD too. :D

My log is filled with:

Aug 23 20:25:38 vdr vdr: [22560] cDxr3DemuxDevice::DemuxPes()
ePesFrameError skipping data and resync
Aug 23 20:25:41 vdr last message repeated 27 times

So basicly dxr3plugin judges all frames invalid?

The old VDR (1.4.5) with dxr3 plugin 0.2.6 still works fine, even
after full recompile of both..

Teemu Suikki

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