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> When I started to setup my VDPAU machines (end of last year) I
> first made sure that the Xserver really is running a 50Hz modeline. 
> I mostly play 25/50Hz streams. This way I found an Xserver bug/misbehavior.
> Only if I explicitly set the modeline params manually in xorg.conf I get
> real 50Hz output (instead of 60Hz).
> Please see attached my xorg.conf. Always try:
> DISPLAY=:0 nvidia-settings --query RefreshRate
> to verify. Even the Xorg.0.log lies about the fact that 50Hz are active
> but in reality it uses 60Hz. Maybe nVidia has fixed that in the meantime.

Are you aware of the interaction between DynamicTwinView and XRandR? The
NVidia driver lies to xrandr about the refresh rate if DynamicTwinView
is enabled (the default). See NVidia's README.

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