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> Am Thu, 26 Aug 2010 23:23:30 +0200
> schrieb vdr-requ...@linuxtv.org:
> > (although a lack of PCI
> > slots is a tad worrying, at least for the small form-factor boards!).
> perhaps the pov 330-1 ion board?
> http://www.pointofview-online.com/showroom.php?shop_mode=product_detail
> &product_id=117 it has a pci slot, but is it small enough for you?
> though i have problems finding it online to buy cause all search
> enginge just show me the pov 330, without -1.
> this is the board i would like to buy me next...

Looks good.

However, I have to decide whether I am going to go for a separate server 
containing all of my DVB devices and run a mini-itx frontend with an SSD 
drive and no DVB devices, or try to hang everything off a single mini-itx 

(My experiences with USB DVB devices hasn't been particularly good in the 
past because the devices kept on randomly disconnecting themselves, 
although it might be possible to blame the Via chipset for some of that!)

I see that there are a few ION2 boards appearing now: does ION2 have any 
real advantages over ION? I found a couple of reviews that said they were 
almost identical!

I need to have a fiddle to see if I can get a frontend and backend working 
on different machines how I hope I can, i.e. it all behaving as if it's a 
single vdr box in terms of remote (LIRC), setting timers, etc.

What is currently looking nice is a case such as:




which have an LCD display (text only, unfortunately) and 12 buttons, all 
which connects to a USB port as a standard input device. Being able to set 
timers without turning on the TV is a nice feature!




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