vdr-dxr3 version 0.2.11 is out, changes since 0.2.10:

- OSD, demuxer and audiodecoder fixes for vdr 1.7.14 (Luca Olivetti)
- Don't switch to digital AC3 mode if configured to use analog (Luca Olivetti)
- Ignore H.264 streams, display notSupported.mpg instead (Luca Olivetti)
- Fix build with recent (May 2010) ffmpeg (Ville Skyttä)

0.2.x is the "stable" series of the dxr3 plugin, targeted primarily for VDR 
1.6.x at the moment, but it should work to some extent also with VDR 1.7.x.  
More extensive work on the next version is underway at http://projects.vdr-

Downloads are available at:
http://projects.vdr-developer.org/projects/list_files/plg-dxr3 and

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