On Friday 27 August 2010 20:22:03 Rob Davis wrote:
> I am using a Eurospec TV although am trying to use it at 60hz (I moved
> to the US from Italy) via a DVI to HDMI cable.  I have two modelines,
> which I switch by my remote using the xrandr command, 720p60 looks
> better, but I think I should using 1080i

The difference can be extremely hard to see depending on the source material, 
viewing distance and display size. 

> What deinterlacing options should I use on the plugin?  Bob?  TVTime
> then scaler Bob?  Judder correct etc etc?

If the picture is first deinterlaced on the pc and then output (re)interlaced  
and the tv deinterlaces again I'd expect some massive quality loss from this 

If the tv won't accept 1920x1080p60 then you're probably better off using the 
vdpau deinterlacer (--post tvtime:method=use_vo_driver) and 1280x720p60 mode.

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