I'd like to write a plugin which can provide the displayed Setup>CAM status via an SVDRP command, and maybe check the CAM menu can be accessed.

Had no response on this - guess we have no plugin writers with time on their hands to help?

Can I use these functions in ci.h?

 virtual bool Reset(int Slot) = 0;
      ///< Resets the CAM in the given Slot.
      ///< Returns true if the operation was successful.
 virtual eModuleStatus ModuleStatus(int Slot) = 0;
      ///< Returns the status of the CAM in the given Slot.

I just need a very simple svdrp plugin that will 1) check the status of a CAM in a given slot via an svdrp command and 2) reset that cam via another svdrp command

What core vdr files do I need to include? How do I reference or call functions within those core files?

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