On Thu, 2 Sep 2010, Rob Davis wrote:

I will attempt to diagnose tomorrow, probably by adding another Case 0x80 under Case 2 in pat and remux but wanted to point this out for future reference as I know most of the development is done outside of the ATSC world..

If you'll take a look at the table 7.4 in ANSI/SCTE 57, you'll see that the stream type 0x80 is DigiCipher2 video and 0x81 is used for AC-3:


IMO, the current "channel->IsAtsc()" check in pat.c should be replaced with a stream identification via the registration descriptor.

Then it's back to working out why my pvr-hd ac-3 (h264 and ac3 @ 720p) don't work in vdr-xine and xbmc/vnsi.. (although do work in vdr-xineliboutput and xbmc/streamdev..)

I guess XBMC/VNSI is using their own PMT parser, so you'll have to add these same hacks into them.


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