on my VDR PC i've set up openSuse 11.3 and i configured and compiled
vdr-1.7.15 from source (no RPM).

I also installed kernel 2.6.35 (compiled myself) with DVB support for
my Technisat CableStar HD2.

First test:

Starting kaffeine, the card is detected and channels can be scanned.

But if i select a channel i hear sound for half a second, then kaffeine 
crashes.  No TV image could be seen before.

I configured and installed w_scan, i got a Channels.conf with it that
looks ok.

I then configured and compiled softdevice-1.6.0 (with changes to make it

I can start vdr -P"softdevice -vo xv:" and see the VDR menu in a window.
I can see the channels and also start recording.  I can view the recorded
stream with MPlayer, great quality.

But i can see no TV image in VDR.

Can anybody tell me what i need to change or what additional tests i need
to do to see TV output in VDR?

Best regards,

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