Hi Michal,

On Sun, 29 Aug 2010 03:59:27 +0200, Michal wrote
> I think there is a bug in the way streamdev switches the channel 
> before it starts streaming. I have only 1 tuner and suspend 
> behaviour in streamdev-server is set to "always suspended". 
> Unfortunately streaming doesn't stop live TV when the channel is on 
> a different transponder. Streamdev switches the channel in 
> cConnectionHTTP::ProcessRequest(), but before streaming is started 
> the channel is switched back on a different thread in the main while 
> loop in vdr.c (the statement with comment "Make sure we have a 
> visible programme in case device usage has changed").

Thanks for tracking that down. I've been able to reproduce this bug and
prepared a fix for CVS. Unfortunately CVS and bugtracker on vdr-developer.org
are still down. The patch won't help much if you cannot get the CVS version...


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