On 05.09.2010 12:54, Teemu Suikki wrote:
> I know this is probably too much to ask at this moment when there just
> has been a transition to TS.. Anyway, here it goes. :)
> I often compress my older recordings to Divx, to save space. However I
> never remember to watch them because they don't show up in VDR
> recordings anymore. :) I know I can watch them with the Mplayer
> plugin, but it's not convenient, especially if you are recording some
> series and half of the episodes are divx and half VDR..
> So basicly I would like to be able to compress vdr recording to divx,
> but still view it like normal VDR recording. It would be quite enough
> to simply launch mplayer-plugin for the file if divx format is
> detected? Editing etc is not necessary at all.
> This is probably something I can do myself, but I just thought I ask
> in case someone else has already done something similar. :)

there ist a archive patch for vdr that will link a archive dvd into
recordings and there is a media detection plugin (for dvd, audio cd, ...)
it could be possible to look for divx, gather informations and build
representations of that divx into recordings directory and if a divx
recording is selected it will have to recognize that and branch to the
proper replay plugin - but that's all very dirty and complicated, maybe
its easier to write a plugin that gathers all information about
recordings, divx, dvd-images, ... and put that into a small database and
instead of opening the recordings function open this plugin (like open
epg search instead of the normal epg function of vdr) and select a
"media entry" (recording, divx, ...) and the plugin will handle what
happens next (normal recording or mplayer, ...)
xxv does have a db function for recordings, maybe its possible to use
that as base? there is a media library function, maybe already something
in that direction, a kind of front end vdr-plugin (graphics
representation because xxv is made for use with browser) for that
medialib function could do the magic? xxv itself can also be extended by

or just use the filebrowser plugin?
thats the way reel multimedia solved it with the ReelBox Avantgard (vdr

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