Hi there,

I am a happy vdr user (vdr 1.7.15 with a DVB-S2 card)

I also happen to be member of an organization that promotes Open Source
(so we should set an example) and we want to stream a conference we are

I thought perhaps setting up vdr with a webcam and perhaps vdr-xine or
streamdev would do the job?

The idea is that multiple clients across the country would be able to see
more or less in real time what is going on.

The video does not have to be HD or otherwise impresive (the audio should
be clear)

Is it possible to do this with vdr and could somebody give me a few
pointers and/or a link to a howto?

I suppose you could use the IPTV plugin (which supports uni/multicast) and connect to an MCU to receive a conference stream.

You could also use the pvrinput plugin and connect a local camera.

How you'd tie all this into being a nice video conference system is probably a bit more of a build. I've always liked the idea of tying skype and a camera into VDR (or XMBC), and using it as a "video-phone in the living room". Never spent any real time doing it though. Always more things to do!

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