Thanks to Frank for updating the tarball on :)

It compiles and loads cleanly on my VDR 1.6.0 system - I can see the new
HTTP menu with javascript categories (nice! :) but the basic feature of
streaming via HTTP fails.

I have moved the streamdevhosts.conf
into /video/plugins/streamdev-server but even when I launch a simple 

# curl http://localhost:82/101

... I get no data returned :( The logs don't say much:

Sep 20 10:56:19 telly vdr: [10118] Streamdev: Accepted new client (HTTP)
Sep 20 10:56:28 telly vdr: [10118] client (HTTP) has
closed connection
Sep 20 10:56:28 telly vdr: [10118] streamdev: closing streamdev
connection to
Sep 20 10:56:28 telly vdr: [10118] buffer stats: 0 (0%) used

This is vanilla 1.6.0 with the -1 + -2 patches applied, but nothing
else. Commandline is just "./vdr -Pskinsoppalusikka -Pstreamdev-server"

Any ideas warmly received :)


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