i have a question regarding receivers with priority < 0.

I have taken a look at cDvbDevice::ProvidesChannel (1.7.15). When
priority is < 0 hasPriority gets set to true even if there are other
receivers for a different channel. In this case NeedsDetachReceivers
is set to false.

If cDvbDevice::ProvidesChannel is called with a priority < 0, then the
Channel parameter has to be the Channel currently receiving on the

Why: If the cDvbDevice::ProvidesChannel is called with priority < 0
and a channel other than the current receiving, needsDetachReceived
would be kept to false, the receiver would be added the the list of
receivers, but the channel doesn't get switched.

Or does the Channel doesn't matter if the priority is < 0 ?

My question: is my assumption correct ?

Regards, Rainer

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