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Hi !
Thanks for your answer !

> Am 25.09.2010 16:38, schrieb syrius...@no-log.org:
>> I'm having a setup with 4 dvb cards, and I'm running 3 vdr instances.
>> I'm using an udev rules to make sure adapter numbers don't change.
>> I'm using the -D option the assign cards to vdr instances.
>> I've just discovered that vdr -D 3 would not use the adapter 3 if
>> adapter2 was missing from /dev/dvb/.
>> Here is the patch i'm testing to correct this issue, feel free to
>> comment.
> This would still be wrong if adapter 2 is a dual or more frontend
> device, because if adapter 2 has two frontends, then -D 2 and -D 3 refer
> to adapter 2 and -D 4 is adapter 3.
> IMHO the -D numbers are a bit outdated anyway, and I would prefer a way
> to use /dev/dvb paths directly. Some concept ideas:

man page says:
       -D num, --device=num
              Use  only the given DVB device (num = 0, 1, 2...).
              There may be
              several -D options (by default all DVB devices will be

I was thinking adapter == device.
i think you're right, it's kind of outdated.

> vdr -D /dev/dvb/adapter0
> - use only adapter 0

or -D 666
or -D /dev/dvb/adapter666

> vdr -D /dev/dvb/adapter0/frontend1
> - use only frontend 1 of adapter 0 - this could be tricky
> vdr -D /dev/dvb/adapter1 -D /dev/dvb/adapter0
> - Swap ordering of devices

i've stopped trying to understand how GetDevice decides... i guess
it's outdated as well.

> vdr -D /dev/dvb/primary
> - follow a symlink primary -> adapter0, like generated by udev
> vdr -D "/dev/dvb/*"
> - use all DVB devices
> vdr -D /dev/dvb/primary -D "/dev/dvb/adapter*"
> - Use primary first, then use all remaining devices. No duplicates.
> Implementing this needs some API changes, esp. since device plugins can
> decide to override the default receiver of VDR, and this interface just
> has adapter and frontend number. (dvbsddevice replaces the receive-only
> receiver that way.)
> Also, frontend numbers are more than parts of file names. If you swap
> frontend 0 and 1 in the file system, VDR cannot receive any more. (been
> there, done that.)

ok, it's not going to change anytime soon.
If we consider a device (man page) == an adapter, am I breaking things
down ?


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