Thanks for the test, In fact I am not in covered area so I work with sample 
given by a colleague who live in good area on our forum

The sample is very fresh and works perfectly with xineliboutput + vdr-sxfe 
with patch xineliboutputeac3_4.diff plus patch ff_audio_decoder to downmix 5.1 
to 2.0

Maybe is there "something" in TS who is different from your country. It should 
be also interesting to have report from Italian users who experiment this 
audio encoding (not all are xbmc user I hope)

Have a nice evening

Best regards

Le Monday 27 September 2010 22:42:06 Jose Alberto Reguero, vous avez écrit :
> I try the sample and don't work. I look into it. But you must try live tv
> or samples made with the patches, to see if it work. I try here with a
> channel whith eac3 with spectral extention and it work well.
> Jose Alberto

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