I converted all my old MPEG-PES recordings to TS format with a script
I posted some time ago. :) I deleted all the index files in the
process because I thought VDR would re-create them.

For most of the recordings it works as expected, when playing the file
VDR says "creating index" and in a few seconds the index file is

However there are a few cases where it doesn't work. VDR still says
"creating index" but it never seems to start creating it! The playback
works through the file, so the file is not corrupt or anything.
However because there is no index, you can't fast forward or jump or
edit, so it's a pain to watch these videos when you can't skip the

Sometimes if I stop the playback and start again, index creation works
that time. But usually it never works if it fails once, for that

When index creation works, you can press OK and see the timeline
growing as the index is created. When it doesn't work, OK doesn't
bring up the timeline, nothing happens..

Teemu Suikki

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