I'm releasing version 1.2.0 of the "actuator" plugin available at


This plugin controls a linear actuator (or an horizon to horizon one)
through the parallel port with a simple circuit.

From this version it is also possible to use the plugin without an actuator, i.e. as a channel scanner only.

Note that it only compiles with the current development version of vdr.

The changes:

- Version for current development version of vdr (>= 1.7.15)
- DVB-S2 support (untested, I don't have DVB-S2 hardware)
- Experimental seractuator module (uses a serial port instead
  of a parallel port)
- Complete rewrite of the channel scanner
- The plugin can now work without an actuator (i.e. as a channel scanner
  only) with the command line option "-s" or "--scanonly"


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