Al 10/10/10 14:06, En/na Goga777 ha escrit:
     From this version it is also possible to use the plugin without an
actuator, i.e. as a channel scanner only.

does it mean, that with your plugin no need to use reelchannelscan plugin for 
channels.conf ?

Yes, but I could only test it with plain dvb-s, no dvb-s2.
Also, it doesn't to a blind scan, it needs a transponder.ini file for
each satellite that you want to scan.

does the sources of scaner based on reelchanellscan plugin ?

The original implementation was the work of Thomas Bergwinkl, which adapted pat.c and sdt.c to give a faster result (pat.c and sdt.c aren't intended as a fast channel scanner, just as a background scan of the current transponder).
The reelchannelscan plugin was in turn based on this implementation.
Since I wasn't satisfied with the results, I completely rewrote the scanner, using the approach of the scan utility but using the code in in pat.c/sdt.c to add the channels to vdr channels list

Why don't release the scaner as separete
plugin ?

Well, because the functionality matches what I wanted to do with my actuator: move the dish to hunt for a satellite, quickly check a transponder to see if it's the correct one, then do a satellite or transponder scan. But since now it works even without an actuator, I don't see the reason to write a separate plugin. However the plugin is gpl, so anybody is free to take scanner.c and use it to write another plugin.


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