On 12.10.2010 17:50, Lou wrote:
> Hello klaus
> One of the changes you introduced in 1.7.16 does prevent the deletion of 
> ".del" directories and the files inside of video.01, video.02 and so on.
> Only the del directories in video.00 with the symbolic links are cleaned up 
> by 
> the removing recordings thread.
> I guess it is caused by this change from 1.7.15:
>> - Fixed following symbolic links in RemoveFileOrDir().
> This bug has been confirmed by other users in vdr-portal.
> Any ideas what I can change in the code until 1.7.17 comes out?
> Thanks and regards
> l...@vdr-portal

The patch was originally suggested by "atinar" at


and I adopted it with a suggestion from "Urig".
Looks like nobody tested the patch in


otherwise this malfunction might have been detected earlier ;-)

Unless "atinar" or somebody else comes up with a fixed version
of this patch, I'll simply revert to the previous version.


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