Am 14.10.10 12:01, schrieb Arturo Martinez:
Could somebody tell me how could I implement this within vdr, so I
select 'Commands' and then the file to be converted and either it calls
the bash script to do the job or otherwise converts it using the same

check the file MANUAL in the vdr directory:
* Processing Recordings

The configuration file 'reccmds.conf' can be used to define system commands
  that can be applied to the recording that is currently highlighted in the
"Recordings" menu. The "Red" key in the "Recordings" menu opens the "Recording commands" menu if there are commands defined in the file 'reccmds.conf'. Pressing one of the keys '1'..'9' in the "Recordings" menu executes the corresponding
  command from 'reccmds.conf' (see also "Executing system commands" below).

You can select a recording, press the red key and select the command you want to execute on the recording.
So you can export it to several formats and more.


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