On Thu, 14 Oct 2010, Vesa wrote:

Next step is to add delay for subtitles. This is "dirty trick", it is only
for eHD users. Simply add some value to Delta (add second line):

    Delta = LimitTo32Bit(sb->Pts()) - LimitTo32Bit(STC);
    Delta += 500000;

With that 50000 you will get 5.56s delay. With that eHD now works correctly
with recording play. Live shows subtitles will be too late with this, but it
is minor issue. I mostly watch recordings :)

Would it help to modify the plugin's GetSTC() method only when replaying?

+ if (Replaying())
+    STC -= 500000L; // or configurable: 900L * ReelSetup.STCDelayMs;


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