here's a minor update for the MainMenuHooks patch. The patch allows plugins to
replace some of VDR's mainmenu items. The new version returns a cOsdObject
instead of a cOsdMenu, so now the patch may also be used by plugins drawing
their own menu.

@plugin authors: If your plugin supports MainMenuHooks-1.0, there's nothing to
change in the program code. Just update the patch itself in case it is shipped
as part of the source distribution

Full changelog:
- return a cOsdObject instead of its subclass cOsdMenu (thanks to
- version number defines in config.h now follow the ususal conventions:
  MAINMENUHOOKSVERSNUM is now a number, the newly added define
  MAINMENUHOOKSVERSION is a string (suggested by gnaph...@vdrportal)
- patch is now based on VDR 1.6.0
- updated documentation


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