Nobody has any comment at all? :)

I haven't found an issue as of yet running this for weeks now on my own
VDR. I must say, it is nice to have the color order of the buttons match
my remote :)

On 09/16/10 04:05, Oliver Schinagl wrote:
> Hey all,
> Ever had the trouble that your remote's color navigation key weren't the
> same as VDR's? Well I wrote this patch the past 4 hours which lets you
> configure them.
> By doing so, the order of the buttons in the menu changes depending on
> whatever you tell it to. So finally that remote can match whatever is
> displayed on screen.
> This only works for the classic and st-tng  skins, as those are supplied
> with VDR. The Skin needs to support this feature. If there is no skin
> support, the setting simply gets ignored by that skin. Since only the
> order of the buttons in the skin are being changed any plugin
> configuration will be independent from this change. What I mean is that,
> when a plugin has configured blue to take you straight to the photo
> gallery, the blue button will still do this, no matter where it is on
> the remote. If the plugin however used the blue key to fast forward,
> because it is the right most key, and thus made sense logically there,
> it will no longer when you move the keys around. Practically, this will
> boil down to a handful of plugins depending on location which imo is a
> little weird anyway :)
> Also, I patched it on a Gentoo box using the latest 1.6 ebuild they have
> so line numbers may be a little off in the patch due to various patches
> Gentoo may apply. It's the only dev. box for VDR I have so forgive me on
> that.
> I'm looking forward to the review :)
> Oliver
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