A bit more info into this.. I'm quite sure this is somehow caused by
dxr3 plugin. There's always some message on screen when it hangs..

I can make vdr lockup like this:

svdrpsend.pl -p2001 MESG test

-"test" appears, no lockup yet

svdrpsend.pl -p2001 MESG test2

-"test" still shows, not "test2".. Wait a little, and vdr is locked
and can only be killed with kill -9. Syslog shows:

Oct 29 07:59:15 vdr vdr: [2609] PANIC: watchdog timer expired - exiting!
Oct 29 07:59:16 vdr lircd-0.8.4a[2479]: removed client

But as I said, it doesn't really exit, it just hangs.

Oh, and if I press "OK" on remote after the first message, everything
works. This is why it never hangs when I'm actually watching the TV, I
always press the button quickly enough. :)


Teemu Suikki

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