I'm announce this bugfixed stable release. xxv-1.6.1 is now the major
stable release of XXV the "Xtreme eXtension for VDR", it's containing a
set of bug fixes.

XXV means "Xtreme eXtension for VDR" and is a central service for the
administration of the VDR and his environment.

Here a small overview of present functions:

      * Full remote access to VDR-1.6.x and VDR-1.7.x environment.
      * EPG data are regularly parsed and registered
      * Create Timer from EPG data
      * Full automated timer creation from EPG data by wished topics
      * Recording control and manage
  * ...

The following changes have been made since the release xxv-1.6 :

    * some improves on multi recorder environment (some moduls)
          o don't show epg-events twice
          o group channel list by recorder
          o order events by recorder
          o REMOTE/STREAM : allow select recorder (switch/livestream)
          o EPG: search data by channel, instead of recorder
    * CONFIG: show moduls description on editing preferences
    * RECORDS:
          o refactoring status handler
          o show error message if command 'play' failed
          o after edit description - update datebase entry
    * SHARE:
          o change order of topten view
          o show level on any skins
          o add paging support
    * update localisation detection(Bug #17082)
    * refactoring createTmpDir
    * html/jason (skin):
          o fix misspelled javascript syntax (Bug #017539)
          o improve select time at 'now'
          o keep selection if timer programmed
          o remote control - allow select recorder
          o remote fix wrong keycodes for adjust volume
          o update timer view if autotimer upgraded
          o allow download music files (save button on player window)

Read the full announcement 
(1.6.1):   http://xxv.berlios.de/content/view/47/1/

Please report any bugs, ideas or feature requests to the project site
If you want to contribute patches, new features or whatever, post an
issue or patch to the projects issue tracker or request to join the
project. I would happily add everyone as a project member, who would
like to contribute to xxv!

with kind regards,

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