Am 02.11.2010 12:20, schrieb Rene Bartsch:
> So I suggest to add start margin (and maybe stop margin) to the info files
> of recordings.

There is no fixed start/stop margin. I have some timers with 5min before
/ 10min after, and others with 10min before and 30min after. Depends on
how much delays the channel usually has.

Also, this would help only partially, as there's no guarantee that
start/stop margin is actually part of the recording. The time in the
folder name is just the timer time, not necessarily the recording start
time. Differences may appear on VPS recordings, timers set/enabled after
start time, and recordings that couldn't be started because of downtime
or missing devices.

To get a near match, it would be necessary to store the actual recording
start time and the EPG event start time in the info file. And maybe the
time when the EPG event became active.



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