Am 03.11.2010 10:06, schrieb Theunis Potgieter:
> I'm considering to upgrade my current p3 system to a hdmi/optical
> SPDIF and enough expansion slots to fill in dvb-s devices. 

> The unkown factor for me is, should I
> consider a motherboard where the Core i3 (System on Chip) has got a
> built in hdmi interface? Or would I be better off with nvidia's vdpau,
> of consider to go ati/amd and what power usage are we looking at?
> Should I then rely on vaapi support again?

The alternatives for HD output are still not very satisfying.

The best - and most common - chances currently are NVidia / vdpau,
though you're stuck on a heavyweight graphics card solution based on
closed source drivers. Plus, NVidia is starting to fade away for onboard
graphics, limiting the future to separate graphics cards.

Intel graphis and vaapi (Core i3 or GMA X4500HD) is looking very
promising, however its currently more of a proof-of-concept. I think the
best implementation is currenly as mplayer frontend.

AMD also supports vaapi, but progress is very slow, and its still very
buggy. Also, its limited to closed source drivers.

Hardware decoder cards exist, but have their own issues. Extension HD
works, but seems already to be a dying solution. The Broadcom Crystal
decoder works, but has no own output and no de-interlacer. The
Technotrend 6400 FF HD card would be a nice simply-works solution, but
is fighting delays over delays. (Current release plan is Feb 2011,
further delays would surprise no one any more)

I am facing the same problem, and decided not to rush anything, esp.
since I still don't have an HD capable TV anyway.



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