There were a lot of pending changes in the Git, so I decided to make a

The changes:

  * Updated Italian translation provided by Diego Pierotto (Closes #151)
  * Fix valid page number check in TeletextBrowser::ExecuteAction
    (Closes #154)
  * Fixed possible segfault (Closes #179) - (Thx to Manuel Reimer)
  * Added setup option to disable main menu entry (Closes #149)
    (Thx to Manuel Reimer!)
  * Added command line option to enable storing TopText pages, which is
    now disabled by default (References #177) (Thx to Andreas Brachold!)
  * Makefile adjustments for VDR 1.7.13.
  * Don't care if the current channel really changed, if we get a channel
    switch on the primary device (Thx to Sören Moch)

As always: Any help is welcome!

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