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> I'm considering to upgrade my current p3 system to a hdmi/optical
> SPDIF and enough expansion slots to fill in dvb-s devices. I found
> plenty of motherboards with combinations of 2x or 3x pci and 3x
> pci-express. I can simply convert those pci-e to pci with an adapter
> so that is not a problem. The unkown factor for me is, should I
> consider a motherboard where the Core i3 (System on Chip) has got a
> built in hdmi interface? Or would I be better off with nvidia's vdpau,
> of consider to go ati/amd and what power usage are we looking at?
> Should I then rely on vaapi support again?
> The end result should be a machine that is good for vdr as a frontend
> and a backend, that is fast enough to be able to do transcoding on the
> fly for those mobile devices that don't accept mpeg2 natively. (I have
> been doing some transcoding using vlc + mediatomb on a core2 duo
> 1.8GHz). I'm trying to get rid of the core2 duo and the p3 (currently
> hosting the dvb-s cards)
> I don't see intel atom machines with at least 5+ expansion slots.
> You suggestions are most welcome.

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