On 10/11/10 13:25, Dominic Evans wrote:
I don't think its a bug, it seems to be the intended function.

1) First it checks that we either said 'don't compare the title' or the
titles match (!compareTitle || Title1 == Title2)

2a) Then it ANDs this with a check that either we said 'don't compare
the subtitle' (!compareSubtitle) OR the subtitles match (Subtitle1 ==
Subtitle2) AND also we've either said 'only if present'
(compareSubtitle==2) OR at least one of the sub-titles is non-empty

I just don't know why its a useful function :-)

I did a bit more digging and discovered this was a new option since 0.9.25.beta7 and is listed in the HISTORY as:

Avoid repeats: 'Compare subtitle' has now a third value 'if present'
besides 'no' and 'yes'. With this setting epgsearch will classify two
events only as equal if their episode names match and are not empty.
Caution: if your EPG data has no episode names for different episodes
don't use this option! 'yes' will then be the better choice even if this
results in double recordings.

I think the description here is incorrect though. "epgsearch will classify two events only as equal if their episode names match and are not empty" seems to be the behaviour when this option is set to 'yes', not when it is set to the new 'if present' third value. The last sentence also seems to be incorrect. 'if-present' is the optimal choice if your EPG data doesn't always have episode names, using them for the comparison if they're present, ignoring them if they're missing.

For anyone interested, I've attached the git-diff of 53677636 (when this was introduced).

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