Am 14.11.2010 19:17, schrieb Eric Valette:
> On 14/11/2010 19:05, Udo Richter wrote:
>> The patch changes the behavior of VDR to accept picture_coding_type=0
>> and picture_coding_type=1 as I-Frame. picture_coding_type=0 is clearly
>> specified as forbidden. Anything I've missed?
> No. And *as Klaus* I dunno why this should be needed except if other
> parts of the logics for finding an I-frame is not robust enough for
> certain streams.
> What really annoys me, is rather the duplication of identical bug
> reports for various DVB type (DVB-S2, DVB-T), various adapter in various
> countries when playing the stream is just fine.

So the next question is whether accepting picture_coding_type=0 as
I-Frame is a proper fix. To be precise: Since VDR depends on knowledge
of I-Frames, does picture_coding_type=0 guarantee that an I-Frame is
starting? Does this hold for ALL TV streams ALL over the world, not just

If any non-I-Frame starts with picture_coding_type=0, the editing
function won't be able to show an editing mark on an wrongly detected
I-Frame, recordings may start with an non-I-Frame although they're
supposed not to, and stuff like that.



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