2010/11/19 Hans-Peter Jansen <h...@urpla.net>:
>> The HISTORY file states:
>> "Include paths are now added instead of overwriting INCLUDES in the
>> Makefile"
>> However, in the Makefile changes:
>> -INCLUDES = -I/usr/include/freetype2
>> +INCLUDES ?= -I/usr/include/freetype2
>> Shouldn't that be += instead of ?=.
> No, the conditional variable assignment operator ?= allows one to
> replace this variable via command line/environment.

Thats not what the HISTORY reads. Either the Makefile or the HISTORY
should be changed.

>> In my case, my IDE sets INCLUDES with some custom stuff. Therefore
>> the Makefile does not touch INCLUDES any more and I get an error.
> If your IDE mangles INCLUDES (?!?), just add "-I/usr/include/freetype2"
> to the mess..

VDR Makefile should take care to always include the default, even if I
add other paths to my local INCLUDES. Adding it manually  would really
result in a mess.

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