Hi all!

Is there anyone out there who is using the Via Epia MII 10000 or 12000
board with a current kernel and the 1.6.x build of vdr? I would need
some some up to date-help in getting the onboard mpeg2-chip in use with
the softdevice-plugin.

I'm currently running my system with a budget technotrend dvb-t card,
and a full featured dvb-s card that handles the output of the picture.
Now i'm moving to an area with a dvb-c network, and for that i got my
hands on two buget dvb-c cards.

All documents i find is mainly for old 2.6 kernels (for example 2.6.10),
and what i understood, the unichrome/cle266 patches for the onboard
mpeg2 chip is not included in DirectFB or the main kernel itself...

Best Regards,


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