Am 01.12.2010 16:44, schrieb Matti Lehtimäki:
> Sometimes when you want to pause live video you are already recording
> the current channel. In such case it is not practical to start a new
> instant recording but it would be more practical to start replaying the
> recording already being made[...]
> Any improvements or suggestions are welcome.

Nice idea, however I see one small drawback: Until now, a 'pause'
instant recording lasts 3 hours (or whatever was set up). With your
patch, this time shortens to the time of the recording, which might be
rather short, for example if the timer actually records the previous
show and overlaps for a few minutes.

This, together with the fact that this is probably unexpected by the
user, can lead to disaster: If he's time-shifting later on, he'll be
quite surprised that the recording has stopped minutes ago and the
in-between show is gone.

A probable solution would be to extend the ongoing recording to the
minimum time shift time, eg. Setup.InstantRecordTime.

However, I have no problem with the fact that the same show is recorded
twice. This doesn't cause too much system load, and with today's disk
sizes, it really doesn't hurt.



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