Hi !

i get these errors, once my remote is doing key repeats:

Dec  3 23:33:13 vdr vdr: [24629] ERROR: unparseable lirc command:
0 KEY_VOLUMEDOWN usb-Gyration_Gyration_RF_TechnoloKEY_VOLUMEDOWN Dec  3
23:34:14 vdr vdr: last message repeated 583 times

especially note the 
and ...kbd#012b-.... (this should read usb-...) 

is there anything forgot to reset ? A buffer to small ? 
Just wrong how it is read ? In irw and xbmc there
seems no such issue, means the repeat just works. 

i increased the buffers to:

  enum { LIRC_KEY_BUF = 500, LIRC_BUFFER_SIZE = 4096 };

which seems to make the error disappear, but its still incredible slow
(compared to other applications) in accept the keys. Can this be
improved ? 

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