On Sat, Dec 4, 2010 at 4:24 AM, Steffen Barszus
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> a) save some energy - if DVB devices are not opened all the time, the
> driver has the chance to put it into standby saving some heat, energy
> and lifetime of the cards

There are a couple cards that consume a lot of power iirc so this
could actually be useful for users of those cards.  But what about
performance/lag?  And also how healthy is it to constantly put a
device in and out of standby?

> b) have a beginning of dvb device hotplug - if dvb devices are
> discovered on demand, its a good chance at a later stage to also add
> and remove cards on the fly. There is sure some notification required
> from udev to vdr so it can keep internal reference of the how many
> devices are there.

I wonder if this is actually useful.  Is there anyone that would
need/want this in the real world?

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