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schrieb VDR User <>:

> > b) have a beginning of dvb device hotplug - if dvb devices are
> > discovered on demand, its a good chance at a later stage to also add
> > and remove cards on the fly. There is sure some notification
> > required from udev to vdr so it can keep internal reference of the
> > how many devices are there.
> I wonder if this is actually useful.  Is there anyone that would
> need/want this in the real world?

In which world did you live the last months ;) ? Sorry, I couldn't

Our VDR-Distribution yaVDR is optimized for a short boot. With old
fashioned PCI cards you can get down to 6 seconds boot time since grub,
but if one of our user decides to buy another p. e. usb device, we
have to delay the boot up to 30 seconds to allow the usb device to get
ready. With device hotplugging there would be no need to wait for this
device and the user would already see tv 30 seconds earlier. Believe me
there are users that thinks this matters.


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