Am 05.12.2010 23:33, schrieb Klaus Schmidinger:

> What would that be necessary for?

My previous platform had selectable EPG scans.
When I first got into touch with VDR, I asked myself, how I was supposed
to restrict searchtimers to interesting channels.

In its default behaviour VDR will add transponders and channels to the
channels.conf, as a result these will be searched and probably result in
a match and a timer entry, even for uninteresting or undecodable channels.

There are some workarounds for that, which to my taste are not too user

a) restrict channels.conf to the interesting ones and have VDR not ass
transponders and channels [thats what I do].

b) specify a channel range for each of your new search timers (you have
to template that to not forget about it).

c) there seems to be a NOEPG patch around to accomplish that.

d) there is a plugin NOEPGMENU around.

I consider the selection of Scan on/off a useful feature.

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