Am 06.12.2010 13:38, schrieb Mario Schulz:
> My previous platform had selectable EPG scans.
> When I first got into touch with VDR, I asked myself, how I was supposed
> to restrict searchtimers to interesting channels.

So you want to cut off EPG data for these channels just because
epgsearch should ignore them?

EPG is more than an epgsearch database, the better place to blacklist
channels would be epgsearch itself imho.

(Does epgsearch have a global blacklist? I lost track on what epgsearch
has and what not a long time ago.)

Generally, however, there are a lot of similar needs to influence how
VDR does its several automatic scans. Maybe it's time for a generic
plugin interface that allows to filter incoming EPG data, channel scan
data, transponder data and so on,  that allows to do some modifications
on-the-fly. This would also allow to fix broken transponders by use of a
plugin instead of adding workarounds to VDR.



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