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> I always find it amusing how people consider the GUI so important.
> Come on! It's a *video recorder* for cryin' out loud! It's main
> purpose is to record and replay tv broadcasts. The menus are tools
> that allow the user to program timers, select channels and replay
> recordings. If the GUI is more important to you than the actual
> functionality, go ahead and install some of the nice skins floating
> around, or use something completely different as the user interface.
> To me, the menu system is nothing more than a means of making VDR do
> what I want it to do - and that's recording and replaying actual broadcasts,
> rather than showing me some pretty eye candy.

I think you underestimate the amount of time people spend in the
menus, whether its searching through tv listings, summaries,
recordings, lists of photos/music, etc.  There are 4 VDR users in my
household and I can say that each of us spend considerable time in the
osd doing various things.  I don't believe eye candy should be the
most important thing but I don't disregard nice osd's as pointless
either since they _do_ enhance the user experience.  With high
resolution HDTV's being common place these days, it's a pretty small
leap that users would love to be able to scroll through their channel
listings with say high resolution logos for each next to their
respective channel numbers.  It's true there are skin replacements for
the current VDR osd.  But, these are merely skins.  They aren't full
osd overhauls that add any real new possibilities.

As an analogy, some people are perfectly fine with a car that doesn't
have things such as power windows/seats, air conditioning, nice
woodgrain trim, leather seats, etc.  It serves no other purpose then
to get that person from point A to point B.  However, plenty of other
people prefer something more luxurious while they spend time in their
car -- and there's nothing wrong with that.  VDR's experience from a
user perspective isn't simply watching live tv or recordings with
nothing in between.  The fact that people have expressed their
interest on this subject in the past proves the point.

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