On 12 December 2010 23:50, Eric Valette <eric.vale...@free.fr> wrote:
> On 12/12/2010 20:29, Steffen Barszus wrote:
>> external epg source is possible allready - i just think the merge and
>> general handling could be improved :)
> If you try to prove everything is possible via plugin yes. Vdr could even be 
> simply a plugin loader as someone else suggested. The problem for the end 
> user is how many packages do he have to install and configure to get a decent 
> functionality and how easy is it.
> for most users compiling from sources is simply too complicated. I tried 
> packages from yavdr and they do not work for me. I have been forced to use 
> the debian pacakging and remove patches to correctly have HD TV via XBMC.

Gave Gentoo a try? Once you updated vdr, all you need to run on Gentoo
is: vdrplugin-rebuild all

>> vdr-developer.org is a beginning :) and most new development is
>> announced here too.
> I rarely found anything useful at vdr-developer.org except maybe a small 
> description of some plugins but almost nothing about their status if they are 
> actively maintained, the git location and so on. Even the description of 
> channel.conf is quite innacurate. In fact this list is the almost unique 
> source for information.
>> xmltv epg can be translated and imported into VDR now allready, there
>> are a couple of other epg providing plugins and scripts as well, the
>> main problem is available epg data possible to be fetched and
>> translated.
> Did you try to use it recently. The xmltv to vdr perl script is unmaintained 
> and obsolete...

On 17 March 2010 07:59, william <k...@cobradevil.org> wrote:
I have made some other changes. and also got an update from Rob Davis.
which added ratings and credits

see: http://cobradevil.org/downloads/xmltv2vdr-1.0.9.tar.gz

Thank you!

With kind regards

William van de Velde

>> What about live plugin if the epg is imported into vdr ? It can handle
>> epgsearch searchtimer, normal timer etc - so that allready exist to
>> some extend :)
> live plugin needs streamdev and epgsearch to function right. So again it is 
> not basic VDR. Plus, in France in never managed to find anything useful via 
> the various search feature.
> --eric


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