On 14 December 2010 12:49, Eric Valette <eric.vale...@free.fr> wrote:
> On 12/14/2010 10:13 AM, Theunis Potgieter wrote:
>> Gave Gentoo a try? Once you updated vdr, all you need to run on Gentoo
>> is: vdrplugin-rebuild all
> I'm not going to try gentoo. However, if this works that is great alltough
> you should probably recompiled vdr depending on the plugin code you install?

You only need to recompile vdr if a new plugin requires vdr to be
patched which Gentoo also handles by introducing flags when you
initiate the installation. You don't have to recompile the plugins all
the time. In most cases I found my plugins should only be recompiled
when vdr version changed (then all plugins should be recompiled on a
Gentoo machine) or when the plugin's own dependencies has changed.
e.g. vdr-xineliboutput is dependent on xine-lib. If xine-lib updated
then it would make sense to recompile vdr-xineliboutput again. This is
quite manageable on a Gentoo system, I can't speak for other
distributions, I can only imagine the same process would apply.

>> On 17 March 2010 07:59, william<k...@cobradevil.org>  wrote:
>> I have made some other changes. and also got an update from Rob Davis.
>> which added ratings and credits
>> see: http://cobradevil.org/downloads/xmltv2vdr-1.0.9.tar.gz
> Thanks for the pointer. However, the vdr pages do not point to it and this
> was my point.
> -- eric

Unfortunately it was only on the mailing system... I Hope Klaus will
approve it and update his ftp. Works for me :)

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