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That was my point in the beginning. Then: I want to see sqlite3 being
less efficient on insert and fetch or memory consumption. I can not
imagine it (prove me wrong! ;)). Last but not least i don't think any
user would even notice any difference in behaviour. I think the low
end would be PIII 700 (SMT7020s/S100) or ARMv5(sheeva/dockstar)

I'd say that the performance would be better.
Right now I have a recording going on. If I press the "up" channel past
the last channel on the same transponder, vdr is unresponsive for ~30
I guess that sqlite, with a well formulated query and the right indexes,
would take a fraction of a second to realize that there are no more
channels in the same transponder.

Instead of speculating I actually tried.
I created a test database with the contents of my channels.conf (only containing the number, name, frequency, source, symbol rate and the vpid, I don't think adding all the fields would change the result considerably).

With no indexes, the time to get the result to the following query (which is meant to find the next channel in the same transponder) is too short to measure:

select * from channels where nr>13 and freq=10992 and params='VC23M2O0S0' and source='S13.0E' and sr=27500 and vpid>0 order by nr limit 1;

(note that the machine was running vdr while performing the query).


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